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Service Management Software.....

Helps you to Manage Your
Installation & Service Management Workload Through:

  • Comprehensive job tracking and job management
  • SMS Texting and Email direct from BusinessFlow
  • Colour coded overview of all installation & service calls
  • Sales Lead generation and CRM module
  • Job appointments calendar for company and employees
  • Keep track of all jobs in progress - stay in control
  • Better overall business and financial control
  • Designed, built and supported in the UK
  • Friendly support when you need it - one point of contact


SOLWAY SOLAR SYSTEMS: "we originally bought BusinessFlow (with the PV Solar Module) to handle the sales process for our renewable energy division - Solway Solar Systems - however we have now rolled it out as Business Flow for our other 3 divisions - AGA Rayburn sales & service, bespoke interiors and listed building renovations as both management and operational staff found it so useful.

The reports now form a key part of our Friday Management Meetings As someone who has spent the past 30 years or so in IT related activities can I say how impressed I am at the level of functionality you have included in the software whilst keeping its operation very straight forward.”

Roger - Solway Solar System


With so much activity in an installation and service company it is important that jobs are managed in real time: keeping everyone informed and up to date. There are too many features to mention them all here but we give you the option to make the interface simple by turning features off if you do not need them or to make the interface more detailed to do more within the program. Below are a few of the features our engineering clients has told us they really like and also you can see a full list of all features by clicking here....


Open the program and immediately see the status of all jobs colour coded to show jobs due today, along with future and overdue jobs. There's a central search screen which give easy access to - sales enquiries, - quotations, - jobs sheets, - risk assessments - jobs, - invoicing, - payments all of which are linked together with one job number. There's a lot of features that we do not have room for in this section like: resource calendar, reminders and alerts, SMS Texting and emails, document store to name a few.

Improved communication - sms text and email

Whilst the user is updating a job with the latest information they can simply send a SMS text message directly to the customer from within the program. It's simple and very effective. SMS text messages can also be used for updating sub-contractors and arranging site visits. Emailing is just as simple with the pre-written standard messges which you can create.


BusinessFlow Online has a comprehensive sales lead module which allows tracking of each lead''s progression through your sales process. You can record each interaction with the client, including the date, time, user and any follow-up actions are set along with a target date. Full history of the sales lead is then available. Once the sale has been converted the lead naturally flows into a new job ready for the next installation/servicing phase


There is a powerful set of calendars that records employee and subcontractors appointments against a job. There are separate calendars for each person and a single company calendar to view all job bookings. Each calendar can be accessed via a web page which the employee or sub-contractor can log into or you can access the calendars through the main program. Double bookings are automatically prevented.


Of every job can be set to reflect the current job status e.g. WAITING PARTS, IN PROGRESS, READY TO INVOICE etc. You can define your own status categories for use in the system. This makes the tracking, reporting and follow-up of jobs very comprehensive.These can also be made available to your customers through the optional customer web portal.

See a full list of features... CLICK HERE