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The Financial Dashboard

Within the BusinessFlow program we distinguish between Operational reports and Financial reports.

Our Operational Reports are concerned with providing information about the management of certain jobs which would be used on a day to day basis (e.g. Jobs in Progress, Invoices Outstanding). 

Our Financial Reports are to do with the success, profit, revenue side of the business and these are all available from the Financial Dashboard.

Job Profit & Gross Margin:

This report shows the total sales, costs and profits for all jobs by month. The report is further split by department so you know exactly which areas are giving the best return on investment (ROI).

By clicking on the month of interest the report drills down to show you every job and associated details including profit, revenue etc.

Invoiced by Month:

This option on the Financial Dashboard shows everything invoiced by month. Clicking on a month will give an in depth view of all invoices and details.

Sale Lead Conversions:

Provides an analysis of all sales leads in a particular month and the quantity that was successfully converted into a job. The report is split by leads, sales and conversion rate.

The report can be refreshed to show lead conversions by:

  • sales person
  • department
  • and also to filter by specific date or sales person

Cost Analysis:

Every part or labour item added to a job can be assigned a cost. The item can have an associated sales price or it can be a part that is used as part of the final service or product supplied.

The cost analysis report gives a detailed view of all the costs and can be viewed by month. Costs can be assigned to the job either when a purchase order is generated or can be assigned to the item manually.

Supplier Invoice Accrued/Pre-paid:

Whenever items are purchased for a job often the supplier invoice has not been received by the time the sales invoice is created (so it needs to be accrued) or on some occasions payment for goods needs to be made prior to issuing the sales invoice (pre-payments). 

This report will show the total items that are accrued or pre-paid at any point in time. With this information you can produce a more accurate accounting financial position with your accountant or accounting system.

Financial Dashboard:

The Financial Dashboard provides a comprehensive set of reports to drill down and understand your business in more detail.

Select from high level overviews of P&L from selected date periods. Alternatively look at costs, profit on a job by job basis, department basis, and product basis.

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