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Job Notes / Job History

The job history serves several purposes:

1) The user can record notes and information about the job.

2) Every user action on a job is recorded

3) Notes can be posted to the customer's web portal (if available) where they can respond


Every user action recorded:

Anything the user does on a job is recorded in the history log (including:  the job number, date and time, user name and the description of the action).

Record Adhoc User Notes:

The history report provides a great timeline of everything occurring on a job and the user can also add their own notes which will have their names recorded and time stamped. Together with the other actions taken on the job this will give you a great overview of events.

Customer Web Portal Notes:

If you have the web portal option, then notes added to the history can also be shared with the client on their web portal. When a note is left an email is also automatically sent to the client. If the client leaves a note on the web portal then this note is also added to the history of the job and an email sent to you the user.


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