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Job Tracking & Job Management

Our job tracking and job management software is suitable for any company wanting a simple way to manage their paperwork & employee jobs.

There are comprehensive time saving features and reports to track and manage all aspects of your business.

  • One job number links all documents together
  • Add your own job sheets and work sheets
  • Create quotes, jobs, invoices
  • Add job specific notes
  • Document store for each job
  • Appointment calendar
  • Purchase orders
  • Sub-contractor management
  • See the full feature list

 Keith from K&A Plumbing says: "I can automatically print a job sheet and issue to my fitters, once signed and returned the invoicing is a simple few clicks”

Tracking Jobs in Progress:

The "jobs in Progress" page is used by some customers as the main control screen for their business. It is a dynamic report that is colour coded to reflect the delivery target date for the job (e.g. deeper red means the job is progressively later and more blue the target date is further into the future).

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