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Creating an Invoicing

BusinessFlow provides several flexible options to invoice your clients. Each job can have one invoice or multiple invoices.

Each job has items (parts and labour) added to the required value. The user has the choice to create a single invoice for the full job value or can create a smaller invoice (e.g. say a deposit or part payment). A subsequent invoice/invoices can then be created as required.

There is a further option to add several jobs to one invoice called "Multi-Job Invoicing". To learn more Click Here

Account Statement:

Easily create account statements showing all invoices that have been created but not yet paid along with the number of days they have been outstanding.

Invoices Outstanding:

From the reports section a comprehensive overview of all invoices that have not yet been cleared is shown along with the total value of all invoices waiting to be paid.

The user can also filter the outstanding invoices by the time outstanding e.g. those under 30 days, those between 30-60 days etc...

Invoices to be Generated:

Just as invoices outstanding can be shown, you can also see a report of all jobs that have been started, but as yet have not been invoiced.

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