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Quotes and Estimates

A fundemental part of any job management system is to create, manage and follow-up on any quotes or estimates. BusinessFlow Online provides many time saving features to get this job done quickly and professionally:

  • Customer details are saved, so if it's a repeat order then simply select the customer from the customer database. To learn more about adding customers Click Here
  • Parts or labour items can be added from the parts database OR unique items can be entered. To learn more about adding and maintaining the parts database Click Here
  • Each item added can include a full paragraph describing exactly what will be provided.
  • You can be as detailed as you wish, either one item describing the whole project with one associated costs or you could split the project into multiple descriptive items, each with associated sub-costs.

Sometimes there are several scenarios, each requiring their own unique quotation. In this case BusinessFlow provides a "Multi-Quote" option. To learn more about the multi quote option Click Here

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