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Sub-Contractor Management

Have you built up a trusted network of sub contractors all over the country? Need an electrician in Edinburgh? A Plumber in Bristol? Simply enter the post code and the skill needed and BusinessFlow will bring back only your sub contractors that match the criteria - then simply assign them to the job. There's a complete sub-contractor database to store and manage and search.

In some industries sub-contractors are a key part to the services that they provide. If this is the case then having a well managed list with the geographic areas they cover and the skills they provide can save significant time and enhance the service provided.

BusinessFlow provides a comprehensive database of all customers used in creating and managing your jobs which means that any repeat jobs can quickly be created re-using the customer's data; a list of jobs completed for that customer and many other reports and analysis can be made available.

Geographic Region Covered:

Each sub-contractor added to the database can be assigned specific postcode regions that they are able to cover.

Skill Set:

Each sub-contractor added to the database can be assigned one or multiple skill sets (e.g. plumbing, roofing, electrical etc.)

Set a Preference level:

Each sub-contractor can be assigned a "preference" level from 1 to 4. Each level can be used to represent your preference to use them e.g. preference 1 might indicate that these must be used in the first instance, while a preference of 3 might indicate to use only in emergencies.

When Do They Provide Service:

You can record the timeframes that the sub-contractor can provide their services. You can record if they cover day / evening / nights / weekends. 

Comprehensive Search:

When assigning a sub-contractor to a job you can search to ensure they meet certain criteria before calling them or adding them to the job. The search management screen will filter all your sub-contractor contacts to ensure they:

  • cover the selected post code region
  • have the required skill set
  • have the preference level 
  • that they are available at the times required (e.g. weekend)
BusinessFlow Online will return all the sub-contractors that match your search criteria. A simple button click will add the sub-contractor to the job and set their appointment.

Measuring & Rating Performance:

Each appointment a sub-contractor is assigned to can be rated from 1 to 10 across ten (10) areas of interest e.g. timeliness, quality of work, providing updates, invoicing etc.

The ten areas are configurable so you only measure the things appropriate to you.

Tracking sub-contractor Invoices:

You can record receiving a supplier invoice and also if it has been paid. There are two ways to track if the invoices have been received: a basic method where you can simply record the receipt or a more detailed way, where you can create a purchase order and track the supplier invoices against the order.

Using the detailed method also allows further financial reports to be generated showing if the invoice has been pre-paid (e.g. before a sales invoice has been generated) or if the invoice is outstanding and if there should be an accrual set aside.

Put Contractor "On Hold":

Did a sub-contractor let you down or consistently give poor quality work? Then put them on "Hold". This will remove them from any searches and highlights them in red. 

Track Key Dates:

BusinessFlow Online provides four configurable date fields that can be set for  each sub-contractor. They can be used to show for example the expiry date of key certificates or qualifications e.g. the expiry of their "GAS SAFE" registration, Safe Contractor, Construction Line Public Liability etc. If any of these dates have expired, a warning will be shown to the user when adding them to a new appointment on a job.

Calendar View:

Each job can be assigned to a sub-contractor and the agreed appointment date or SLA can be displayed in the resource and planning calendar. The calendar shows both in-house employees and sub-contractors who have work scheduled and gives a complete overview of all scheduled jobs for the day or week depending upon the calendar view selected. 

Sub-Contractor Reports:

There are various reports available, including summary reports on:

  • sub-contractor job performance. Each sub-contractor's performance on each job can be rated on up to 10 factors. You can define the factors important to you along with qualitative text.
  • return visits are highlighted
  • incident reports
  • track supplier invoices
  • detailed report on postcode areas covered and skill sets in each one

The most popular report is the summary report which shows all jobs and their status (i.e.when due by colour coding) and includes an extensive search capability.

Assign Multiple Subcontractors:

Assign multiple contractors to the same job and issue individual job sheets and instructions.

Set Preferred Sub-Contractors:

You probably know the good sub contractors and the unreliable ones. Rate the best as "1" then "2", "3" etc. When you come to select the right one for the job you can clearly see the best ones which are colour coded.

Sub-Contractor Search:

Each sub-contractor is assigned the postcode areas that they can cover along with their respective skill set e.g. plumbing, electrical, plastering etc.

Finding a sub-contractor; simply enter the postcode of the job and the required skills required. The search will show all sub-contractors that match the criteria. Simply click to select and add the one required to the job. 







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