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Customer Web Portal

Keep Your Customers Up-To-Date as it happens with Job Status, History and Reports.

The customer web portal is ideal for businesses that want to keep their customers up to date with the status and details of on-going jobs and reports.

The BusinessFlow Customer Web Portal provides your customers with web access to key data that you want to share (for example: job status and up to date information, inspection reports, historical data and documentation e.g. quotes and invoices).

View and Print Invoices:

The customer web portal has a complete section on invoicing. The client can search for a specific invoice based on a particular job. Any invoices created for your client will be viewable on the portal. When you set-up the client's access to the portal, you can specify if they can view invoices or not.

Setting Up Client Access:

You can set up each customer with a user account for each contact at the company. You can restrict the user's access to specific sites and certain functions (e.g. only allow the user to access their own site and exclude any invoicing details).

Once an account is set-up for a user, a friendly email is automatically created and will be ready to send from Microsoft Outlook.


View Assets and Inspection Certificates:

(Note: Optional Feature turned on if applicable)

Provides your client with a complete overview of all their assets, asset details and inspection history. The client can see any inspection warnings and failures along with any actions that are required to be completed. The client can enter the steps they have taken to resolve any warnings or failures allowing a re-inspection to be scheduled or a new certificate to be issued.


Job Status and Overview:

The customer portal home page conatains a list of all jobs currently in progress. The client can access each job to see any documents that have been shared / made public, upload new documents and images, see a history of the job in messages exchanged between the portal and the program user.

In Job Messaging:

The BusinessFlow user can update the job's status and make a comment which is automtically added to the "in Job Messaging" system. The client can reply using the web portal and the user is alerted from within the program via a pop-up. Emails are also sent to either the client or the user with the comments made and a note to say the "in job messager" has a new update. This system provides a great chronological history between your employees and the client.

Requesting a Quotation:

The customer web portal contains a section for the client to enter details about a request for a quotation. Once entered an email is sent to the user and a pop-up appears within the program. A quote is automatically started for the user who completes the details. The completed quote can be emailed to the client, and it is also available against their quote request.

If the client agrees, they can convert the quote into an order with their order number and any other details like maximum costs, required priority etc.


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