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BusinessFlow Online - Have a Question?

Changing or implementing new software is a huge investment of time, training and cost.

You need to ensure it will meet your requirements, and we will spend the time to work with you to give you that confidence.

Send an email or call us for a no pressure discussion on how BusinessFlow can be configured to work for you.

Note: BusinessFlow Online is designed, built and supported in the UK

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Do I need expensive server equipment to run BusinessFlow ONLINE?:

No - All you need is a standard Windows PC for each user. We have invested in a dedicated server which you will use to save documents and information - Everything is included as part of our service. The PC will need internet connection and running Windows Xp, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

How do we configure BusinessFlow and Import our existing data?:

Part of our set-up service includes installation, configuration, and 1:1 training. We pride ourselves on our customer support and want you to get the best from our software. There may be additional costs if the data to import requires significant 'cleaning' and 'formatting'.

What training do I need?:

Training is provided at the time of installation / configuration and is included in the set-up process. Our set-up includes 1:1 training upto 2 one hour sessions as well as remote assisted installation, and advice. You can call or email at anytime you have questions.

What happens if I have a problem?:

In the first instance you can access our wide range of help pages and online training videos. Secondly our FREE support (for monthly subscription customers*) gives you on-going phone & email assistance. And If required remote desktop support* via the internet with a BusinessFlow engineer - ask any amount of questions and as frequently as required.

What if my business isn’t like other businesses?:

BusinessFlow is highly configurable and we quite probably have already solved many or the common business processing questions that may arise. However, for the more unique requirements we offer a Customising service for businesses that are non-standard or have particular requirements of their administration software. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll price a custom built solution or advise you on appropriate solution - with no obligation.

How can I trial BusinessFlow ONLINE?:

Please call (0117 303 5183) or E-mail us ( ) to arrange a free trail of BusinessFlow ONLINE. We configure each trial specifically for each customer because each customer has unique requirements and we want to ensure that the basic features you require are turned on and ready.

How do I install BusinessFlow?:

If it's a trial installation then we will send you a dedicated link to the installation files which you can easily download and install. Alternatively we can offer you remote assistance to talk you through any areas you find difficult.