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Facility Management Software.....

Helps you to Provide Nationwide Facility and
Property Maintenance Services Through:

  • Data streamlining with comprehensive job management
  • Profit & financial reports on a job by job basis
  • Search sub-contractors by postcode and skill (e.g. plumbers)
  • Measure & rate each Sub-contractor appointment
  • Engineer web portal - easy report entry direct to the job
  • Colour coded overview of all outstanding works in progress
  • Client web portal improves communications & less emails
  • Job appointments calendar for company and employees
  • Designed, built and supported in the UK
  • Friendly support when you need it - one point of contact


Crystal Property Care: “We searched and tried out many different software packages before selecting Infotek Software. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The Installation, configuration and training was very easy and we continue to be impressed with the business improvements we are seeing and the great support we receive. In our property management business customer satisfaction depends on good communications to our clients, our sub-contractors, our engineers and our office staff. With Infotek Software’s BusinessFlow solution communications have significantly improved.

     - Everyone in the office knows immediately what is going on
    - clients therefore get updated faster
    - it’s easy to generate instructions for sub-contractors and track their performance
    - finding old job history is a breeze

The BusinessFlow program is great, but more than that the linked customer web portal has been fantastic. It’s linked in with the main program so we only need to update the system once which automatically sends the client an update. This has reduced the number of manual emails we need to send by over 50%. “

Eileen - Crystal Property Care


BusinessFlow provides all main elements to keep on top of facility management workload: the jobs are managed in real time: keeping everyone informed and up to date. A customer web portal is optional allowing customers to log their own jobs, request quotes and retrieve invoices and key data. There is also an optional mobile application for your own in house engineers to complete jobs sheets and provide job updates. See a full list of features... CLICK HERE


Open the program and immediately see the status of all jobs colour coded to show jobs due today, along with future and overdue jobs. There's a central search screen which give easy access to - sales enquiries, - quotations, - jobs sheets, - risk assessments - jobs, - invoicing, - payments all of which are linked together with one job number. There's a lot of features that we do not have room for in this section like: resource calendar, reminders and alerts, SMS Texting and emails, document store to name a few. More.....


From quotations, jobsheets, invoices, work requests, work orders, delivery notes, uplift requests. Multiple documents can be added to suit your business process. The layout and information contained can all be configured to suit. More.....


When assigning a sub-contractor to a job you can search to ensure they meet certain criteria before calling them or adding them to the job. The search management screen will filter all your sub-contractors to ensure they meet certain criteria like:  post code region, skill set, preference level and that they are available at the times required (e.g. weekend).  A simple button click will add the sub-contractor to the job and set their appointment. More..... or Visit our Blog Atricle: Sub-Contractors - Tracking Performance...


Each visit a sub-contractor makes can be rated from 1 to 10 across ten (10) areas of interest e.g. timeliness, quality of work, providing updates, invoicing etc.. The ten areas are configurable so you only measure the things appropriate to you. More..... or Visit our Blog Atricle: Sub-Contractors - Searching & Selecting...


How much time do you spend getting contractors and engineers to submit their job sheets and reports about the work they have completed? Our Engineers Web Portal provides an easy to use system which is simple for Engineers and Contractors to give you the feedback that you need. Visit our Blog Atricle: Sub-Contractors - Online Mobile Worker Portal...


The customer web portal is ideal for businesses that want to keep their customers up to date with the status and details of on-going jobs and reports. The Customer Web Portal provides your customers with web access to key data that you want to share (e.g. job status and up to date information, inspection reports, historical data and documentation e.g. quotes and invoices) and they can also upload documents and images direct into the job's docuemnt store. More..... or Visit our Blog Atricle: Customer Web Portal...

CLICK HERE to see a full list of facility management software features...