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Tracking Sales Leads and CRM

BusinessFlow Online has a comprehensive sales lead module which allows tracking of each lead's progression through your sales process. You can record each interaction with the client, including the date, time, user and set any follow-up actions along with a target date. Full history of the sales lead is then available. Once the sale has been converted the lead naturally flows into a new job ready for the next installation/servicing phase.

Sales Process - Pipeline:

There are eight pipeline stages that can be configured to suit your sales process. Each sales lead progresses through the 'pipeline' which allows key events to occur e.g. producing a quotation, starting a job etc.

Quick Notes:

There are a series of "quick notes" that can be used to speed up the recording of any interaction with the client (e.g. phoned but said to call back in 7 days, called but no answer, call back tomorrow).

Product Interested in:

A predefined list of products that you specify can be used to record what the sales lead is interested in.

Sales Channel:

You create your own unique list of sales channels that represent where the sales lead came from and allows you to track the most popular sources of lead. 


You create a list of your departments that you would like to segment your sales leads into.  

Sales Person:

Each sales lead can be assigned to one of your sales people so that ownership and sales values can be tracked and later analysed

Sales Actions:

Each time a note is added against the sales lead you also define the target date for the next interaction and the name of the task owner.

Each owner then has a full overview of their tasks across all sales leads and due dates. Alerts then automatically appear for the assigned user.

Sales Lead Converion:

Once the sales lead has been converted into a successful sale, a job is automatically created and associated with that lead. Every job has a lead so any financial analysis or report can not only provide job performance data but can also link right back to the first interaction with the lead. 

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