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Job Status and Job Sub Status

At any given time each job will be in one of three main job status options:

  • Waiting to start (i.e. in the quotation phase)
  • In progress (i.e. job started and ongoing)
  • Finished (i.e. job completed and no longer needs to be tracked) 

Within each of these main status options, each job can be further assigned to a sub-status, which comprises of a list of your own options (e.g. waiting parts, ready to invoice etc.).

Job Sub Status:

You create your own set of job sub-status options that will be unique to your business. Some basic common ones are pre-entered, but these can be deleted or altered to suit.

Some customers use these sub status choices to match their business process as the job progresses through each stage.

Sub Status Report:

There are several reports that use the sub status category to provide you with the tools to track and follow-up on critical jobs

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