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Engineering Workshop Software.....

Helps you to Manage Your Engineering Workload Through:

  • Job search by image, description, material, Drg No.
  • Improved delivery tracking and client communications
  • Comprehensive job tracking & job management features
  • Colour coded overview of all outstanding works in progress
  • Quality and ISO Systems support
  • Clear Job ownership assign to the responsible employee
  • Better overall business and financial control
  • Designed, built and supported in the UK
  • Friendly support when you need it - one point of contact


LA ENGINEERING: “We have recently been awarded ISO9001 and we would have found this incredibly difficult without Infotek software. What’s more impressive is that our auditors - who also see many software packages - commented during our recent audit that they “were impressed with the BusinessFlow Online software”. The software has made things so much easier and provides us with:

- Full traceability on any job
– especially the document store
- Ease of which to look up repeat jobs to find out rates and hours used
- Easy to “clone” jobs which makes things quicker and easier.
- I continue to be impressed with Infotek Software and their support.”

Les - LA Engineering


BusinessFlow provides all main elements to keep on top of your engineering workload, jobs are managed in real time: keeping everyone informed and up to date. There are too many features to mention them all here but we give you the option to make the interface simple by turning features off if you do not need them or to make the interface more detailed to do more within the program. Below are a few of the features our engineering clients has told us they really like and also you can Click Here to see a full list of all Engineering Software features by....


Very often in engineering there are bespoke jobs that are unique and sometimes not well documented. With our image search feature, photos of the job are saved in the Job's Document Store. You can define the material it is made of, any drawing numbers or reference numbers, requestor or description etc. You can then search through all your photos by customer and any other reference used. Once the image is found the system opens up the job and you can check any of the information about the job or if required create a new job using the original job details (e,g, make a clone of the job for repeat business).


Open the program and immediately see the status of all jobs colour coded to show jobs due today, along with future and overdue jobs. There's a central search screen which give easy access to - sales enquiries, - quotations, - jobs sheets, - risk assessments - jobs, - invoicing, - payments all of which are linked together with one job number. There's a lot of features that we do not have room for in this section like: resource calendar, reminders and alerts, SMS Texting and emails, document store to name a few.


We have added many features which help customers manage their quality and ISO systems including the recording, reporting and improving of: - Scrap Product, - Late Deliveries, - Supplier Performance, - Non Conformities, - Job Traceability to name a few.


Use the built in purchase ordering system to issue PO's to your supplier and track the invoices they send back to you. Clearly show the number of days the invoices remian open, the total owing to each supplier and also produce a remittence note to email direct to the supplier when they have been paid.  


As the job progresses from initial enquiry to the workshop, inspection, final test and eventually to invoicing sometimes jobs can get overlooked or by-passed. In BusinessFlow each job can be assigned an overall owner and a second person who has the current operation's responsibility. Using the seach screen you can filter all jobs by the responsible person. Everyone knows what they have "on their plate". Once they have done their tasks they simply pass the job to the next person in the process. This approach gives employees more control and pride in their work.


Every job can be set to reflect the current job status e.g. WAITING PARTS, IN PROGRESS, READY TO INVOICE etc. You can define your own status categories for use in the system. This makes the tracking, reporting and follow-up of jobs very comprehensive.These can also be made available to your customers through the optional customer web portal.

CLICK HERE to see a full list of Engineering Software features....