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Built-in SMS Texting

SMS Text messaging is an easy way to keep customers updated and this ability is built into BusinessFlow Online. Whilst the user is updating a job with the latest information they can simply send an SMS text message directly to the customer from within the program. It's simple and very effective. SMS text messages can also be used for updating sub-contractors and arranging site visits.  

SMS Text Messaging:

A Text can be sent directly to the customer from within the program whilst updating the job with the latest information. From the text page the mobile phone numbers of your customer contacts can be selected and an appropriate message written.

Standard Text Messages:

BusinessFlow Online allows you to construct and save your most common text messages. There are many 'print codes'  that you can embed into the standard text message that will be auto populated from your job (e.g. the sites address, or your contact's name). You simply need to select the required pre-written standard text message, names and addresses are automatically added and click send.

Text Costs and Credits:

It's very easy and straightforward to set up the texting service. We use a company called "Text Local". You create an account with this company and buy your text credits direct from them. You will be given a unique login and user code that needs to be entered into the BusinessFlow configuration and you can start texting immediately. There are no other hidden costs.



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