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Layouts and styles

BusinessFlow provides a very flexible system to add standard and  bespoke documentation. You can add multiple documents to reflect your business processes.

The layouts are created in simple HTML (web style) pages for which there are many free editors available which you can use to make the changes.



Standard Documents:

Built in to BusinessFlow are the standard templates you would expect e.g. quotation, job-sheet, invoice, delivery note, pro-forma, purchase order, credit note,  to name a few.

All documentation is designed to your requirements during the set-up process. We can either copy your existing designs, create new ones or you can use ours.



Bespoke Documents:

Any number of additional documents can be added to reflect your business processes e.g.maybe you need a special "sub-contractor instruction sheet" or different quote layouts for say domestic clients versus commercial clients.

Adding New Documents:

New documents are first created and any information from within the job can then be exported to the template. We have a "print mark" for every bit of information which once added to the template will be replaced with the job information when it is created.

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