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Document Store

Every job has its own special area set aside for storing any documents produced by the program and also allows the user to add their own documents for example: PDF's, excel sheets, word documents etc.

This means that any job related information can be found very easily in the future. This has been invaluable for some customers where, for example, they routinely save before and after photos, or need to refer to scanned designs or perhaps scanned fabric samples.

Document Types:

Each document or image can be assigned a "type" to easily locate and view them e.g. images, quotes, invoices, drawings. To add a new document to the store simply select the type and click add, you can then navigate to the correct file location. Once selected the file is uploaded to the server and is then available to other users.

Storage Locations:

Each document saved to the job is by default stored on the cloud server. However, if the documents are very large, as in the case of some of our engineering customers with Autocad, then there is an option to store the documents on a local LAN drive. If stored here then these drawings can only be accessed when logged in at the same location as the LAN.


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