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Why Business Flow Online?

See Some of the Key features of Business Flow

Job Management
and Tracking

Our job tracking and job management software is suitable for any company wanting a simple way to manage their paperwork & employee jobs.

Sub Contractor and
Engineer Management

Simply enter the post code and the skill needed and BusinessFlow will bring back only your sub contractors that match the criteria - then simply assign them to the job.

Service Management
(Stay in Control)

BusinessFlow provides all main elements to keep on top of your service management workload: the jobs are managed in real time: keeping everyone informed and up to date.

Sales Lead

Record, track and follow-up on all sales and enquiries.

Helps You to Streamline And Improve
Your Business Processes Through:

  • Efficient data connectivity and job management
  • Improved communications and relationship with customers
  • Interconnected enquiry -> quote -> jobsheet -> invoicing ->
  • Keep on top with excellent overview of all outstanding works
  • Customer web portal cuts update phones call by 50%
  • Keep track of all jobs in progress - stay in control
  • Better overall business and financial control
  • Designed, built and supported in the UK
  • Friendly support when you need it - one point of contact
"We looked at several packages but only Infotek Software offered a package that links our job sheets to our invoices and quotes and is fully customized to suit our business. The installation was very easy and after the short training we were all using the program and sharing information. We must be saving 4-5 hours a week and I was able to easily start to get my business under control"

Mandy - Rivendel Carpets