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Customer Management Database

The life blood of any business is ultimately their customers' and maintaining an up to date comprehensive list is crucial to managing and automating your business.

BusinessFlow provides a comprehensive database of all customers used in creating and managing your jobs which means that any repeat jobs can quickly be created re-using the customer's data; a list of jobs completed for that customer and many other reports and analysis can be made available.

Reusing Existing Customer Data:

The most time saving aspect of keeping your customer data in one place is that the customer data can easily be selected for a new job or when the invoice is due to be created and you no longer need to keep copying and pasting the same data into multiple places and documents. 

Additional Ways to Use Customer Data:

Once you have a large list of customers BusinessFlow provides many other ways the data can be used.

  • A complete customer list can be produced in excel or csv format which can be used to send a mailshot e.g. Christmas cards.
  • A list of customers can be produced by the product they have bought which could be used for up-selling or product announcements.

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