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Job Searching

There are many ways to search, find and navigate to specific jobs and other information within BusinessFlow (e.g. invoices, payments, customer, leads etc.)

There is one specific flexible search screen allowing searching by three factors:

  • Search type: e.g.for jobs, invoices, payments
  • Job status e.g. in progress, waiting, completion
  • Fuzzy search e.g. site address, job reference, customer, job number.

Combined, these factors allow you to focus in and find the specific information that you are looking for. From the search screen a right click allows you to jump to other parts of the program. Which makes the system very easy to use and friendly.

Searching for Jobs Using Parts:

From the search screen, you can right click and select the "show parts" option, this lists all the parts and labour items used in that job.

If however you want to find all jobs that use a certain part or labour item, then simply enter part of the description into the "fuzzy" parts search box, all the jobs that match will be returned in the grid for you to use.


Image Search:

If you add photos and images into the job document store, you can also search through an image gallery of all images for a specific customer and you can further narrow down the images by adding additional filters. To learn more about searching through images Click Here

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